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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"Welcome to the Far Eastern Conference" by Wells Tower - GQ.com

Wow, a bunch to say about this article, which I read in the GQ magazine and not online. First of all, Wells Tower? You got Wells Tower to write this? His collection of short stories Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned is the tits. Seriously, run tell that. The tits. Dude is a legit burgeoning luminary. We got luminaries on Poopreads now.

Secondly, Stephon Marbury is out of his goddam mind. But you already knew that.

Thirdly, for a country with like 9 billion people, China stinks at basketball. Might seem like a no brainer, but I mean, they're all Communist and borderline totalitarian and shit. Why can't they train ballers like the Soviet Bloc used to? Makes no sense. You got NBA scrubs at the end of the line going over there and acting like Kobe. Lighting teams up for 71 a night. It's ridiculous. Get your act together, China. You're on notice.

p.s. and clean up your menus. bloody duck pieces? sick, dude. (Read the article.)

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