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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"How These Two White Guys Ended Up in Kendrick Perkins Family Photo" by Alan Siegel - Deadspin

This is a wacked out story about how two random Boston dudes wound up being best pals with Kendrick Perkins. There's a lot of strange details in this story (Perk doesn't like it when people watch him eat) but I think the most insightful detail of all is that Perkins is at that perfect point in celebrity--people know who he is, kinda, but no one would call him famous--that he can really break down walls with social media. Like, if Perk wants to chill with you, play some Madden maybe, he can, and he will. He's not Peyton Manning, he's got no endorsements and no reason to hide. He's just an enormous dude, playing basketball, getting more tail than he rightfully should, and making friends with whiteboy nerds like the ones in the picture. Does that make sense?

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