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Sunday, April 17, 2011

"The Royal Wedding Doesn't Matter" by Eryn Green - Esquire.com

Two articles about Brits in the same Poopreads update. Weird. I like this article, about the fundamental difference between the British fascination with aristocracy and the American need for meritocracy, but I almost didn't post it. I'll tell you why. The author, Eryn Green, writes an insightful and compelling column, but she almost ruined it for me by saying that everyone who didn't vote for Obama is a racist. Now I don't really care about politics. I don't consider myself a Democrat, and I'm by far not a Republican, but to insinuate that anyone who voted for John McCain in the last election is racist is flat out stupid, ignorant, and arrogant and I'm surprised no one at Esquire crossed that line out in a heartbeat. You want to make a political argument as to why Republicans are bad and everyone should have voted for Obama, be my guest. But don't go pulling sarcastic race cards. That's just regrettable. Embarrassing really.

p.s. Kate Middleton is a 12.

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