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Sunday, April 24, 2011

"Gang Tattoo Leads to a Murder Conviction" by Robert Faturechi - LATimes.com

You guys seen this idiot? Killed some guy at a liquor store in LA and got the crime scene tattoo'd on his chest, like, to the detail. Seven years later he gets picked up on some random bust and some Sherlock Holmes type cat in the LAPD is like "hey, wait a second."

Check out the pic though. As far as I can tell this doe-eyed Mexican named Chopper Garcia stabbed Mr. Peanut in the head and walked scot-free. But in his defense I bet there's a hundred dudes out there just waiting for a shot at Mr. Peanut. With his top hat, and his smooth dance moves and his smug, smug smile. Dollars to donuts he banged Chopper's girl. Fuckin' peanut got what he had coming to him you ask me.

p.s. nothing to do with anything, but how weird is it that Jordan Catalano has a pink mohawk and sings in a band now screaming about shit? Relax dude, you're not that cool.

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