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Monday, April 11, 2011

"The Gift of Tiger Woods" by Bill Simmons - ESPN.com

Simmons! You cadillacin' sumbitch you! Looks like the Sports Guy is back to writing articles on a full time basis, which is always welcome. Here he gives his take on Tiger at the Masters.

p.s. You know which group of people I understand the least on Earth? Not the terrorists. Not the Scientologists. Not even the Scottish (under-the-radar strange people). It's people who go to bars to watch golf. To say watching golf in a bar is like watching grass grow is insulting to grass. Like, "Oh look that paunchy, middle-aged, white guy hit that tiny ball I can barely see really far! Now he's walking toward it! Yay! Bartender, Bud Lights all around!" Makes no sense. Just settle these NFL lockout shenanigans and make sure football is on in the fall please. That I'll go to a bar for.

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