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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"Obit for Mayor William Donald Schaefer" by Richard Ben Cramer - Esquire.com

First things first, I don't know jackshit about Bodymore, Murderland, except that Bodie and Bunk were the two best characters on The Wire, Ray Lewis probably didn't kill that guy but I'm pretty sure he's capable of murder anyway, and I love crab cakes but I'm allergic to them when I drink and no one eats crab cakes sober except maybe Ray Lewis because he's a madman. (Breath.) That being said, this is an eloquent obituary for a man who truly knew Baltimore--former Mayor William Donald Schaefer who passed away Monday. He was the guy who gave a damn about Baltimore before David Simon made it the cool thing to do. Read this if you want to be inspired by someone fighting the good fight.

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