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Monday, April 4, 2011

"Why Athletes Cheat" by Chris Jones - Esquire.com

I posted this older, shorter piece because of this nutzoid story that broke today about Steve Nash, his teammate Jason Richardson, and slutty, shameful Mrs. Nash. Steve Nash, get this, white Steve Nash had a pregnant wife, also caucasian, who brought a baby to full term last December. Aww, so cute. Problem was, the Nash's bundle of joy was born a small, black child. Whoopsie-dazie!

Turns out (allegedly) Jason Richardson, Nash's teammate, planted the seed. Nash filed for divorce the next day. Imagine that though? You're all excited to have a son and then bam! Black kid. I mean, that was the final joke in a goddam Naked Gun movie. That is preposterous. That doesn't happen in real life, let alone to two-time NBA MVPs.

Anyway, athletes cheat because they have tons of money and chicks constantly throw themselves at them in ways normal people can't even fathom. Here's Chris Jones' take.

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