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Thursday, April 7, 2011

"The Assassin in the Vineyard" by Maximillian Potter - Vanityfair.com

Y'all thought this Poop Reads game was a joke? I'm sitting alone in a hotel room in Pompano Beach, Florida at 10:30pm updating Poop Reads on a stolen wifi connection called MyWifesBoobs. I just ate a chicken caesar salad wrap at a bar where i heard some guy ask the bartender how she was doing and she responded "I'm ok, I'm still sober." And I legitimately have no idea whether she is persevering for sobriety or just hadn't drank a bottle of white wine yet tonight. I drove a yacht today.

I bleed crimson blood for this Poop Reads game! This is real shit! All day everyday in broad day on Broadway!

Anyway, some French guy poisoned another french guys wine and now all these french people are all sacre bleu (!) and pissed off about it. Whatever, French, get over yourselves. There's real problems in the world.


p.s. good article though.

thanks to hovetoogood

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