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Monday, April 18, 2011

"Monday Morning Quarterback" by Peter King - SI.com

Peter King is back. He's writing about the draft. I feel like this draft is full of busts. For D-linemen, Bowers is fragile, Dareus is soft, and Fairley is small though he'll have the best career of the three of them. I'd take Clayborn for his motor--kid'll be a solid pro but not a stud. Same for Von Miller. There's no running backs to speak of except for Ingram, who I think people are kind of sleeping on. I could see him being a poor man's Ray Rice, which ain't bad. As for the QB's, anybody who drafts Locker is a fool, Newton's got way too much baggage for a franchise QB, and who the hell is Blaine Gabbert? The kid Dalton from TCU might have the head for the game but not the size. He's the most intriguing pick here for me, especially for his value. But let's be honest, the only sure thing QB in college is that dope at Stanford who decided to give up 40 million bones to go back to nerd paradise for a year even though his coach bailed on him like he was an ugly prom date. Sweet decision bruh, hope you enjoy running through the women's chess team at Stanford next year and tearing your ACL playing Washington State instead of being a multi-millionaire. And you thought Stanford kids were smart.

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