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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I Don't Know the Title of this Article but It's about Obama When He was Young - by someone at the NYTimes.com

Three different Poopreaders whose opinions I trust sent me this link today. Something about Obama being raised somewhere other than America, but in a positive light and not a Tea-Party type spin? I wish I knew, but the New York Times shut my ass out today. No more free lunches I suppose. Gonna have to pay for my New York Times articles like the rest of you slobs. But let me make this clear, I am not paying for anything on the internet. Ever. There will always be a way around a pay wall. It just takes time to find it.

So click on this if you can for free, and enjoy. But if you have to pay, I suggest hollering at William Donald Schaefer's obit. That's free. Just like it was intended to be.

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