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Monday, April 18, 2011

"Five Tax Cheats Explained" by Chris Ladd - Esquire.com

I am so anti-tax right now. Gub'mint stuck they hand in an honest blogger's wallet so deep this year just to line they own fat cat pockets. Gub'mint's really on some bullshit huh? Like, I write stuff for a living, jerkbags. I don't even get a paycheck, I just get a dirty plastic baggie filled with duck's teeth and little pieces of rags every other Friday and I'm supposed to make ends meet with that. Now I got Obama telling me I owe the gub'mint money? Barbaric. If I vote in 2012--which if history is any indicator, I won't--I will vote for Donald Trump so fast it will make Obama's head spin. Hey Barry, you're fired!

Anyway, I'm kind of a puss I guess and I'm afraid of jail so I paid my taxes. But if I had any balls at all I would have cheated on them. In one of the five ways laid out in this article. (Except for the Wesley Snipes way, that just seems misguided.)

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