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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"Brady's Cinderella Story Never Gets Old" by Mike Reiss - ESPN.com

By now you know that Tom Brady cries like a baby when he thinks about getting drafted 199th in the 2000 draft. And I don't blame him. There he is, a 22-year old kid with the world spread out before him and some jerkbag GM just rips it all away from him by not drafting him to play quarterback in the NFL until the 6th round. Can you imagine! It's not like he's won three Super Bowls, knocked up a smokepop actress then immediately dumped her for a "hotter" chick (I am not on the Giselle train, she looks like a dude to me) since then. I mean his life has totally sucked, you'd be crying too.

This article about him during his college and pre-draft days is actually pretty cool though.

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