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Sunday, April 24, 2011

"Guantanamo Files" by Charlie Savage, William Glaberson and Andrew W. Lehren - NYTimes.com

The U.S. government just released files on every inmate held at Guantanamo. There's some pictures in there. Not a bad read if you're gonna be flying anytime soon. Just sit there like an owl with your head on a swivel. Full 360 degree rotation looking for terrorists like 25 to life never crossed your mind.

Some people got freaked out by the shoe bomber dude a few years back, lighting his airwalks on fire and failing miserably like a worthless terrorist. I think that's kind of a dream scenario though in some respects. Like, this loser was going to try and blow you and a hundred other innocent people up for no reason, and now he failed and you and the burly dude from aisle 18 have an hour to absolutely fuck his shit UP before you land? And no jury in America is going to convict you for it? Free shots on terrorists? Sign me up.

I would do work.

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