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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Poop Reads Needs a New Name

It's true guys. Poop Reads needs a new name. Chicks won't rep us. Neither will serious people. And we need both chicks and serious people to rep us if I'm ever going to get this Poop Reads money flowing in like rainwater and buy myself a yacht called Floater and just update blogs from St Barth's for the rest of my days. Help me find a new name! I don't want anything poop related. (sigh.) We gotta be serious. I wanted www.longstoryshort.com but some nerd already beat me to it. Www.hallpass.com is on the table right now but I'm not sure that really fits the bill. Anyway, I know my Poop Readers. They are smart, they are talented, and they are funny. Leave new name suggestions in the comments box. Help me help you.

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