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Monday, April 25, 2011

"Dude Dating with J-Train" by J-Train - Weekly World News

I kind of respect this cat J-Train's game. Kid's about his hustle. Emailed me the other day saying he liked the blog, and he's a writer blah blah blah. And obviously I get like 30 of those emails a day of people trying to plug their own stuff and I usually read their links and don't respond to the email, but it just so happens that this dude is pretty good. Just doling out harsh but honest dating advice to hapless mopes like you and I. Probably more you than I. I don't take advice. I may mull it. And I might look you in the eye and pretend I'm taking to heart what you just told me. But in the end I'm not actually listening. I'm wondering if Kate Middleton is hotter than an 8 or if I can really get behind the G-Men drafting a white offensive lineman from BC. No offense, I just already know what to do. It's my gift. And my curse.

Anyway pretty sure if you let J-Train loose in a room full of chicks a bunch of them would end up in tears but probably be better off for it. Have at.


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