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Thursday, August 18, 2011

"Movies That Make Men Cry" by KFC - Grantland.com

That's not the real title of the article but the real title was nondescriptive and wack. Anyhoo, KFC from Barstool weighs in again with the 5 guy movies that make him cry. Not a ton of writing here but if you've got an iPad on the pot or time to kill at work these clips he picked are great. The Rudy clip had me cheering arms in the air with a single tear rolling down my right cheek like I'd never seen the movie before. Gets me everytime.

Saving Private Ryan is an obvious one. My boy Bones refuses to watch that movie with me exactly for the reasons the author lays out. I didn't make it through Click and I've never seen Homeward Bound, but I don't blame KFC for not watching Marley and Me. I won't even sniff that movie. I'd be a puddle. I know my limits.

Oh and I don't hold it against Feitelberg that he cried at Armageddon either. Shit was sad.

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