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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"Baseball Has No Fighting Chance" by Jason Gay - WSJ.com

Jason Gay writes for the Journal about how the NFL dominates major league baseball. I wonder why that could be? Oh, I know. Could it be because baseball is boring as sin to watch? You know when I first realized baseball was boring? I was 8, watching the Mets-Dodgers in the '88 World Series, wondering exactly what kind of scenario would need to transpire for the Mets to call me up to bat in the playoffs, because I was certain I could have taken that nerd Orel Hershiser deep. The second I realized Davey Johnson wasn't stepping through that door was the second I realized baseball was boring to watch.

Wow there is a huge pod of dolphins out my window right now. I'm at the beach.


thanks to Healy

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