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Thursday, August 11, 2011

"It's the Economy Dummkopf!" by Michael Lewis - Vanityfair.com

I keep getting this article emailed to me like "Oh bro it's perfect for Poop Reads, it's a great article and it's about Germans and poop!".

Bros, Poop Reads it's not about poop. It's about Reads. Shit to take your mind off pooping while you poop. Different shit, totally different pile. I came up with this bomb idea and you shitheads took a hot dump all over it making it all about poop. Just firing away hot ones at Poop Reads like it's some crappy, doo-doo related Web site.

Germans talk about poop a lot. Michael Lewis explains why.

p.s. Oh my god Tim Tebow just got DRILLED.

thanks to strap

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