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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"Defense Tack in Family Killing Promises More Harrowing Jolts" by William Glaberson - NYTimes.com

Kind of downer subject but still interesting as shit to me. So some of you guys remember this horrible story about the home invasion in Connecticut that happened a few years back. Long story short, two degenerates broke into this doctor's home in Connecticut and raped his wife and 11-year old daughter, and then set his house on fire, killing those two and his other daughter. They beat the guy unconscious and left him in the basement to burn but he got out. Awful.

So the first of the two pieces of shit that did this went to court and got the death penalty. Now the second guy is on trial and his lawyer is going dirty. Throwing dirt on the victim's family (not sure how that's possible), raising all sorts of conspiracy theories, calling the judge unfit so he can get a mistrial. Listen I know a lawyer is sworn to zealously defend his client and all, but know this: Way, way, way, way back when ... this is the guy they invented Hell for.

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