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Sunday, August 7, 2011

"Jersey Shore: International Panty Raid" by Brian Moylan - Gawker.com

I don't have high hopes for Jersey Shore this season. I don't know how anyone could. If fucking ripped-ass Ronnie and stupid, fat, gross, stankface, Barney-Rubble feet Sam get back together I am done. DONE! Situation is just doing everything for affect at this point, J-Wow still looks good in my opinion but people are hating on her for being too thin (bullshit, she still has bombs), Vinny is a geek, Snooki looks like a poop personified, and I can't remember anyone else's name on the show.

Oh Paulie. Paulie's cool.

Anyway here is a good recap of ep numero uno in Firenze.

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