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Thursday, August 18, 2011

"I Don't Want to Bro Up, I'm an Entourage Kid" by Carles - Grantland.com

First off, is this the best title ever posted on Poop Reads? I think it might be. Carles from Hipster Runoff writes a pretty funny, pretty insightful article on Entourage and the state of the American Bro. Do bros need to grow up at some point? Can you be a bro and also be a man in full? Does it matter?

Honestly some of the biggest bros I know are some of the most successful people I know too. Like sometimes I think the harder you bro out in life the better you do. Because being a bro is about being loyal, being funny, and rolling with the punches. Those are first-line bro traits. If you don't have those three you can throw all the ancillary bro traits right out the window, because you ain't no bro, brah. And it just so happens that being loyal, funny, and easy going can get you pretty damn far in this world.

p.s. This little bro who just sang the anthem at the Eagles-Steelers game has got to be kidding me. I can sing better than that.

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