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Monday, August 15, 2011

"Stop Coddling the Super Rich" by Warren Buffet - NYTimes.com

Warren Buffet seems like a passive aggressive prick to me. Like all the other billionaires are sitting around trying to figure out how grow a second dick or buy a solid gold helicopter or bring a T-Rex back to life, and Buffet's sitting in the corner wearing rumpled dockers and eating a cheeseburger and trying to make them feel bad about not helping out the less fortunate with their vast accumulated wealth? Nice try Warren, everybody knows the only reason billionaires have a billion dollars in the first place is because they don't give a FLYING FUCK about the less fortunate. That's just life 101 right there.

Also doubly annoying for them that you could buy most of them ten times over and still have enough money to purchase a baby T-rex. Douche.

p.s. That being said if Buffet wants to pay me back for the money Obama stole from me this year then he is Santa Claus, Jesus, and Paul Bunyan all rolled into one for me. Be my hero, Warren.

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