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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"Ten Great Baseball Quotes Inspired by Ichiro Hating on Cleveland" by Shane Ryan - Grantland.com

Ichiro Suzuki is a funny motherfucker huh? Who knew? Seriously, YouTube his interviews. It's a hilarious baseball secret like Wade Boggs' vicious drinking habit.

Ichiro takes a Godzilla size dump on Cleveland in a quote in this article, which inspired the author to list his favorite baseball quotes. Not bad. Sorry Ohio. Was just saying this the other day when I was talking about Wedding Crashers. You know that quote "Crabcakes and football, that's what Maryland does"? I never knew if that was a joke or not. Like, crabcakes, sure. You got that MD. But football? No. Not at all. Maryland high school football is eh, and UM blows habitually.

Then I got thinking about other states and what their two things would be, and I couldn't come up with anything other than football for Ohio. Best I could do was "Football and rust, that's what Ohio does." I'm not wrong.

p.s. Football and disappointment?

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