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Thursday, August 11, 2011

"Deadspin Funbag" by Drew Magary - Deadspin.com

Another Deadspin Funbag. I usually think these stink, but this one is actually great. Perfect thing to read on a Friday. Questions include:

"Is it gay to want to see your friends having sex (no penetration.)"

Poop Reads answer: The only way it's not gay is if it's purely to make fun of them later on. If it's for any other reason, you like the boys.

"Is it ok to shave your balls with your wife's razor?"

PR answer: Allow me to answer your question with another question. Why are you shaving your balls if you have a wife? Let that shit ride son. You're done. It's over. No use risking a nicked ballsack over some guaranteed pussy. That ring bought you unbridled pubes for life.

"Why do farts follow you around?"

PR answer: Because God thinks farts are funny too.

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