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Sunday, August 7, 2011

"Obama Foodarama" by I don't know who

Obama turned 50 recently and it sounds like he threw an awesome party at the White House in the rose garden for it. Fucking barbecue and shit. Chris Rock was there cracking jokes. Jay-Z rolled through being cool and rich and probably a little weird for a proud ex-crack dealer to be in the White House hobknobbing with the president. Charles Barkley was there dancing very smoove for a 280 pound gentleman I'm sure. And Fox News took a fucking shit in their pants for like a week every morning because all these blacks were in the White House at one time. I dunno. Seems like a pretty sick party. If Beyonce did the single ladies dance in the rose garden I am all in. Way cooler than Marilyn Monroe popping out of some stupid cake in Jackie O's face like whoa.

p.s. Where was Michael Jordan? How does a Chicacgo bred president have all these cats at his birthday party and not have MJ23?

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