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Monday, August 15, 2011

"You Ever See a Bumper Sticker on a Maybach" by Ben Cohen - Grantland.com

No, actually I haven't but some people have now I guess. How do dudes feel about this new "Otis" song by Jay-Z and Kanye? I fucking love Otis Redding, I'm a fan of Jay-Z, and Kanye, eehhhhh, I guess he makes pretty good music even if he is a premium-grade assclown. That being said, the song kind of isn't that great right? Where's the hook? You got Kanye West doing the production and Otis Mahfuckin' Redding doing the background vocals. So I repeat, where is the goddam hook? Song's all squeeze, no juice.

Plus they totally ripped like every Beastie Boys video ever made with this video. Walk towards the camera in slow motion and rap while dressed like a 16 year old. Original.

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