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Thursday, August 4, 2011

"What Chinese People Are Like" by Tom Scocca - Slate.com

This author takes a peek at the ways in which Chinese people stereotype themselves. To be honest I was a little confused by this article, but then again I only know half a Chinese person--my boy Wong. Wong likes ham, finance and basketball. So I guess that's what all Chinese people like? I have no idea, I don't know any others. Not well at least.

Oh, John Ming. My boy in middle school. Nice guy. Loved porn. And math.

So there you have it. Chinese people love porn, math, finance, basketball, and ham. Honestly, I think that's pretty accurate no? Small control sample but I think I fucking nailed it.

p.s. Seriously Ming's dad used to own a video rental store and had literally hundreds of pornos in his basement. That's a fucking golden goose of a friend in 7th grade if I ever heard of one. John Ming, hadn't thought about that dude in years.

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