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Thursday, August 25, 2011

"The Wrestler in Real Life" by Shane Ryan - Grantland.com

I can not tell a lie. Today the internet came kind of soft. This piece on how complete a fuck-up Ric Flair is was the best I could find, and it's more of a chronology of his white-trash life than anything else. Dude has had the cops called for domestic violence with three different wives. Because they were beating him up. One, creatively, with a cellphone charger, which if you think about it, would probably really fucking hurt.

This whole pro-wrestler-as-complete-degenerate thing is weird. Why are they all so fucked? I guess because they're roided out, white trash who are always on the road? Kind of like small-time rockstars with big muscles and a whole hell of a lot more to prove? Shit who knows? The Nature Boy done fucked up though. WWOOOOOOO!!!! (how's this guy still alive?)

p.s. He is still alive right? I didn't finish the article.

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