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Monday, January 30, 2012

"Let Me Finish" by David Weigel - Slate.com

This article was pretty good, I have to say. Slate took two professional comedians, Paul F. Tompkins and some dude I've never heard of, and had them critique the three Republican candidates handling of hecklers while onstage. There's video of the specific incidents too. I gotta say, I wouldn't vote for either of these asshats in a million years, but Romney and Newtie Newt handled they bid'nis up on stage. Total shut down of the dirty stinking hippies hurling insults and poorly researched nuggets of faux wisdom at the top of their lungs. Politics is just fucking awful.


P.S. Romney definitely wants to take that hippie teacher to an isolated rich-person ranch in Alaska and hunt him as human prey. It probably already happened.

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