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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"The Red and The White" by Calvin Trillin - NewYorker.com

Good article by Calvin Trillin who goes in depth on something he mentioned in his last Poop Reads update--wine snobs. The gist of his article is that most people, even experts, can't tell the difference between red and white wine when it's served in a blind taste test.

Wine snobs are really the pits. They're always sitting there asking for the wine to be decanted, and then showing off the sediment to people around them like "oohhh can you believe we almost just drank this? Disgusting!" And I'm sitting there like, "motherfucker, three years ago I saw you puke in your own beer and keep drinking it at some shit bar at the Jersey shore. Get over yourself."

I should note I'm talking about a specific person. Eat shit, Red!


P.S. I kid, Red's a good guy.

P.P.S. He's still way too gross to decant wine though.

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