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Monday, January 23, 2012

"Why the Cast of Jersey Shore Must Acknowledge Its Fame" by Patti Greco - NYMag.com

Let's get one thing straight up front. In the history of television. In the history of men, and I use that term liberally, I don't know that I have ever despised anyone more than Vinny Guadagnino. Dopey, big-dicked, balogna-skinned Vinny moping around Seaside Heights with his cunty haircut complaining about getting paid millions of dollars to get drunk and have sex with girls who he wouldn't even sniff if he wasn't on the show. Then (THEN!) he has the balls to look into the camera and say "I'm strong. I'm a fighter, but this is too much" and then walk off the show. Basically he was at great pains to not say "I want my mommy." Which is all his stupid "anxiety" problems are about. Hey Vin, your mom lives a half hour away and you're filming for a month. You're not strong, and you're not a "fighter." You are, in no uncertain terms, a gaping vagina.

At the time they filmed this show the US was fighting two different land wars in Asia, chock full of dudes Vinny's age who actually are fighters, who are 6,000 miles away from their moms and everyone else they know and love, who might get blown to smithereens at any second, and who don't get to drink and have sex with dimes for millions of dollars. Pretty sure every single one of those dudes would trade places with you in a heartbeat and be more entertaining to watch too, because you fucking suck. Get off Paulie D's nuts, loser. In conclusion, FUCK YOU VINNY. I don't even remember what this article is about. Can't stand that guy.


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