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Monday, January 9, 2012

"Grizzly Attack" by Madison Kahn - OutsideOnline.com

Buncha dudes got attacked by a mahfuckin' grizzly bear in Alaska. They thought it was a haystack when they first saw it, which is really dumb but whatever, benefit of the doubt, if I saw a Grizzly in the wild right up in my noseholes I'd probably piss my pants twice before the bear said ggrrr. Anyway, my man heard his own skull crack, which I for one, will have nightmares about.


P.S. I think I could take a wolf in a fight, do or die, just me or the wolf, only one bloodline makes it out. I have a whole plan. When the wolf leaps, you sacrifice the left arm, let it bite down on the forearm, and then fight through the blinding pain to put it in a headlock, jump up in the air, and crash down on it breaking its neck. Bingo bango, I declare me the winner. I'd make a dope hat out of the wolf, one of those where you can still see the wolf's face and stuff, like indians wore. Fighting through the blinding pain would be the hard part of course, but I think if I had like 6 beers in me I could do it.

P.P.S Fucking NOLS kids.

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