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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"Why Should We Stop Online Piracy" by Matthew Yglesias - Slate.com

I didn't read this. This SOPA shit bores me to tears. I don't give a fuck, and if you posted about SOPA today on your Facebook status you are officially a nerd. Congratulations, I'm sure you've known it somewhere deep down inside, but now there's incontrovertible evidence to your nerd-dom. You're welcome.

That being said, I beat Wikipedia's blackout today. Hit delete right when the page pops up. Bam. Wikipedia doesn't redirect. When I found this out today I swear to God I might have been the smartest person in the world for just a little while. Like everybody else on Earth was working around with no basal knowledge of anything, freaking out and shit, and I was just sitting there like Krang, just a huge brain knowing everything. Guess that's why I run Poop Reads and you read it folks. Blogging takes vision. It takes a vast and continental knowledge base. It takes an iron will.


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