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Monday, January 16, 2012

"ACI: A New Way to Measure Pretentiousness" by Calvin Trillin - Slate.com

This article is great. I might even stamp it a Poop Reads must read. Calvin Trillin describes his ACI measurement, aka, Asshole Correlation Index. Any activity, interest, or predilection gets a number, which represents the percentage of people who do it who are assholes. Here's a few of my own.

People who do coke regularly: 65
Men who order fish at steakhouses: 80
People who love the jersey shore(place not show): 45
People who hate the new jersey shore: 90
Bros who wear their hats at angles: 35
People under 40 who like jazz: 60
People who refer to themselves as "foodies": 80
Lcd soundsystem fans: 70
People under 31 who decant wine at restaurants: 100


thanks phil the dood

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