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Thursday, January 12, 2012

"Fire Congress, Dump Mississippi and Alaska" by Will Oremus - Slate.com

This is an article from Slate about how a private equity firm would run the country. Cutting the fat and selling the spare parts. Streamlining us down into one lean, mean, profit-turning, China-scaring motherfucker. I for one am all for anything that gets rid of Mississippi. Like damn, there's a lot of shitty states in the south, but everybody's got something going for them. Louisiana has New Orleans, food, and music. Florida has Miami and yachts. Alabama's got a damn stranglehold on football. Shit even Arkansas has Walmart. Mississippi's got dick. Hit the bricks bros, you're worthless.

Alaska's got all that oil but if we can't use it then sell, sell, sell. Underutilized resources like you read about on the internet. It's basically a gold mine of oil and I haven't even gotten into the timber yet. Sell it to like, France or somebody who could never ever ever beat us in a war.

Pretty sure I could run a PE firm. How hard could it be?


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