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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"The Whole True Story of the Dougherty Gang" by Kathy Dobie - GQ.com

This is a really cool story about that group of siblings from Florida who went on a crime spree last summer I think it was. It's written by Kathy Dobie, a newish writer for GQ who has kind of made a cottage industry for herself of writing about disenfranchised, poor, southern youth. Wild, wild story, and well written too.

Decide for yourself if the author is too sympathetic to the Dougherty's. Yes their lives sound pretty bleak, but I get the feeling she glazes over the fact that the older one is probably a sociopath. Also they shot at cops a bunch of times. That being said, it's hard not to feel for them. Being poor and out of options sucks.


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