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Thursday, January 19, 2012

"Inside the Homes of Mexico's Rich and Famous" by Damien Cave - NYTimes.com

I'll give you a hint ... they're all places where drug dealers used to live (and there's a slide show).

I want nothing to fucking do with Mexico. Diarrhea and corrupt cops. That's all they got down there. That and bloodthirsty assassins who make it so that if you go there for vacation and come back with your head still attached to your neck it's considered a good trip. Fuck that. Send my ass to Costa Rica, the food ain't all that but at least the zip lines won't give me the runs.


P.S. Diarrhea is sneaky the hardest word in the English language to spell. Had legit zero clue there were two R's chilling in there until 20 seconds ago.

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