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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

"The 75 Things You Should Do Before You Die" by Tom Chiarella - Esquire.com

Hey guys, sorry I left you for so long. That was dick of me. I could say I got caught up with work or whatever which I did a little, but really I just got lazy. I promise to try my hardest not to be lazy anymore.

Anyway, in the same vain. here's a list Esquire put together of shit you should do before you die. It's not new, I think it's like 3 years old or so. And it's not perfect some of the shit is dumb, as lists always are. But it's mostly pretty good. Not a true article, a click through, but definitely worth a read.

My one question: number 34, "have a threesome." Uummm, how?

Oh and number 11, "do a flip off a diving board and nail it." Dawg if you read Esquire you're probably like 35. If you've never done a flip off a diving board A. you are severely unathletic and most likely a pussy and B. don't try it now you're just going to hurt yourself.


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