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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

"Why Are Smart People Usually Ugly?" by Daniel Engber - Slate.com

Simple question. Smart people are ugly because they're nerds. No der.

No really this is a pretty good article but it eschews the obvious. There's only so much good genetics to go around. Like how often do you meet someone who's smart, athletic, and good looking? Not that often, because unless their dick is an innie or something, those people have basically won the genetic lottery. But being good looking, dumb, and uncoordinated, or athletic, ugly, and stupid, shit. That's one in three. Shit makes perfect sense in my head. I don't know if I'm articulating this well, but it makes perfect sense in my brain.

Also smart people are ugly because they stay inside and do math problems instead of GTL'ing which is a real thing and actually does make you better looking. Are guidos smart? Smarter than you think.


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