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Thursday, January 19, 2012

"The Truth About Marianne Gingrich" by John H. Richardson - Esquire.com

So Ol' Newty Newt's second wife is gonna go on TV tonight and say he is not fit to be president because his actions don't match up to his words when it comes to family values (sort of a big deal for the GOP). Fair enough,he had been fucking around behind her back for six years, even going so far as to ask for an open marriage.* But Esquire's John H. Richardson has spent a lot of time with her, and what she told him about Newt is much, much worse.


*Kinda gotta respect the balls on that one. Newt comin' in all smoove like "yo baby let's play the field. It'll be real cool." That fat Dwigth Shrute-looking motherfucker.

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