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Thursday, May 5, 2011

"What Would A 16-Man NBA One-On-One Tournament Look Like?" by Drew magary and Tommy Craggs - Deadspin.com

AAGGHHHH. I just had a whole write up written about this and then the internet crashed and didn't save it. The internet sucks. It doesn't work right yet. Scientists need to get on that.

Anyway, this article is like fantasy land for basketball fans. Drew Magary and Tommy Craggs pick who would win a one on one tourney in the NBA. I don't follow the NBA that much, but from what I've seen, I feel like it has to be either Lebron, Kobe, Chris Paul, or Derrick Rose, with Durant knocking on people's doors and maybe even Melo sneaking in with his West Side Baltimore funk. I don't know. These guys feel like they might though.


p.s. If the link doesn't work just copy and paste it. Like I said, internet don't work right.


  1. you don't follow the NBA that much? Blake Griffin would own Melo. D Wade? Dirk Novitzki (maybe he's too old now, but...)...