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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"Paren'ts Keep Child's Gender a Secret" by Jayme Poisson - Parentcentral.com

This couple in Toronto had a baby named Storm and they're raising it "gender-neutral." No one knows if it's a boy or girl, not even its little stupid hippie siblings Jazz and Kio. Nice work mom and dad. I'm sure Storm is going to thank you in the long run for this stroke of brilliance/child abuse. Way to really stick it to society by crippling your infant child's sense of self for ever and ever. I'll give you a hint, when Storm turns five, if Storm picks up sticks and starts saying "bang, bang!" Storm's a boy. If it picks up a doll and wants to play house, it's a girl. Either way, it's going to be addicted to heroin by the time it's 18 and hate both of you, forever. Cool idea though, bros.

That's big-boy talk.


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