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Thursday, May 5, 2011

"Breeders Battle for Right to Claim Hero Navy SEAL Dog" by Alex Eichler - Theatlantic.com

This is a short hitter, but I couldn't resist because I love dogs. Breed aficionados are arguing over whether the dog that came this close to chewing bin Laden's nose off was a German Shepherd or a Belgian Malinois. Shepherd's are cool and all, but Malinois are badass. They look like slightly smaller, slightly pointer, wolfier Shepherds, and since they are not as popular, they have never really been bred to be family pets. Which all means, they will bite a bad guys face off, no questions asked. I got into an argument with a veterinarian once over which dog is the toughest in the world. In my mind, it's a no brainer, pit bull first, then a tosa inu, then the american bulldog, then probably an akita. He said the Malinois. And he went to school for that stuff like that for like 9 years or whatever vets do. He's still wrong though I think.


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