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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"Lift Weights and Run Races but Never Slide into First" by RealAnonymous - Barstoolsports.com

First things first. After Barstool U--which makes my Mac do the pinwheel thing--and Manzo and Jerry Thornton, who need to find other jobs, Barstool Philly is the bastard child of the Barstool empire. El Pres and KFC kill it on a daily basis, and then you got Philly coming in with dumb, unfunny blogs that often seem passive aggressively racist against white people. It's just a weird set up.

That being said, this long article from RealAnonymous on the site was funny and true. Working out is good for you, but sliding into first will fuck you up for real. You're not a kid anymore.

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