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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"Good Spots: An Interview with Ben Westhoff, Author of'New York City's Best Dive Bars''' - by Ross Scarano - Complex.com

I love dive bars. Mars Bar (which gets big-upped in this article) I think sucks--mostly because last time I was there some dude was tripping balls and started to hop the bar and the (female) bouncer pulled a butcher knife on him--no thanks, that's not my scene. But other than that, dive bars in New York City are ok by me. Jimmy's Corner? Found out one of my dearest friends prefers the company of men there. Milano's? Once went there on halloween dressed as a hipster and got asked twice(!) why I wasn't wearing a costume. Blarney Cove? I've had a beer there. None of you can say that. And the first/last time I went into Rudy's I got into a heated argument with an ex-Marine/burgeoning playwright because he farted awfully in a crowded bar. Not cool.

This is all to say, I feel this dude Ben Westhoff. He has drunk in some shitty places.


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