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Friday, May 13, 2011

"Is Hip Hop Evil?" Interview with Thomas Chatterton Williams by Mark Smirnoff - Oxfordamerican.org

"If anything, hip hop is the "Black People Fox News" - Tommy Williams

That quote is enough to read the article right there.


While we're on the subject of rap, Jay-Z sucks. Yeah i said it. I've gone to 3 of his concerts in the last 2 years and i still think he sucks. He's good live but anyone who hits with his average of 1-2 good songs per album just is not a hip-hop "legend". The only thing legendary about him is how he sold all those copies of "Hard Knock Life". Good god that CD sucked.

I'll stop now before I write 5000 words on the subject. By the way, No Clue Ninja thinks Jay is the greatest rapper of all time and we've had many arguments about it in the past. Can't wait for him to read this.

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