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Thursday, May 5, 2011

"Release the Dead Laden Photos" by Jack Shafer - Slate.com

Jack Shafer argues that the US should release the photos of bin Laden. I think I saw today that 80% of the publc would disagree with him. Makes sense, I see no reason to release them. Could see some little terrorist in training in Egypt or somewhere pinning them on his wall like I used to have Michael Jordan and Will Clark posters up in my room when I was little. Shafer argues that not releasing them because they endanger troops in Iraq and Afghanistan opens up an enormous loophole for the government to squash news, but I don't know if it really holds water in this case. Finding out bin Laden got capped is news, seeing his head blown apart in hi-res detail, not so much. This piece is an interesting counter argument to the prevailing feeling though.


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