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Monday, May 2, 2011

"Death of a Madman" by Christopher Hitchens - Slate.com

What a great day to be an American. I am so happy some SEAL slopped bin Laden's evil brain all over his shithole mansion. It just kind of makes thing right in my brain. Feels kind of good. Which is kind of fucked up to say, but it's the truth. Who isn't happy this dude got smoked? Because you gotta hand it to him, he was smart, he was charismatic, he was wealthy, tough, and incredibly connected. None of which will save him from getting eternally buttraped by Satan in his own special circle of Hell.

Today is Bin Laden's Dead and I Feel Great day at Poopreads. Read these articles while you eat a goddam cheeseburger and remember why you're ancestors came to this country in the first place. Because it's the best.


p.s. Christopher Hitchens lays out the possibilities for Bin Laden's legacy in this piece. Hitchens is always good.

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