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Friday, May 13, 2011

"Unspoken Truths" by Christopher Hitchens - Vanityfair.com

Due to some technical difficulties (No Clue Ninja has the haircut, basketball game and technological know-how of a 1950's schoolboy), I will be filling in as guest blogger for the day. Don't fret, I will provide you with all of the necessary wit and (sometimes) entertaining articles to get you through that lunchtime Chipotle.

First up is a link to an article from the upcoming Vanity Fair about Chris Hitchens throat cancer slowly robbing him of his voice. If you just broke up with your girlfriend or are a Celtics fan I suggest staying away from this one. That being said, it's an extraordinarily written piece about the relationship between your speaking voice and writing voice, and how its loss can affect not only your work but your everyday interactions.


True story: I spent a couple of minutes picking the brain of Matt Taibbi once and he gave me this strong piece of advice, "An english professor once told me to find my own voice... I told her to fuck off. It worked."

P.S. Seriously, he really is straight out of the 50's. His nickname is Buzz and everything.

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