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Sunday, May 1, 2011

'Dear Roger Goodell: This Is What A Typical NFL Career Looks Like" by Nate Jackson - Deadspin.com

I love these articles by Nate Jackson. Intelligently crafted and filled with razor sharp insights about life as a professional athlete. It really is some of the best sportswriting out there. With all due respect to Bill Simmons and Chris Jones and a bunch of other talented writers, Nate Jackson just has experience that can't be imagined by a non-athlete. Plus he uses the word "demagoguing". Dude must have rocked the Wonderlic.

Here he writes about why the NFL's claim that typical players' careers are longer than the 3.5 year statistic that is commonly quoted, is complete bullshit.


p.s. God I miss football season. If this was football season I'd be at Manny's right now crushing Bud Light buckets and sweating because I order unnecessarily hot wings. Instead it's early spring and I'm sitting here watching a rerun of Mob Wives and trying to figure out which one of these slobs is supposed to be the hot one. If there really is a lockout I'm going to start gambling on Pop Warner games like you read about on the blogs.

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